Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do painters wear white?

Traditionally, most paint used by house painters was a shade of white. The wearing of white is simply because it does not contrast and show up the paint drops and splatters that are part of a hard days work. Blue jean painters look pretty sloppy after a few days of painting, and less likely to be hired.

How often should I paint?

There are many factors that determine how the paint will wear in or outside your home. The type of products used, high traffic areas, children, pets and the weather exposure can all effect the longevity. A stained wood door that faces the Texas sun most of the day will need a fresh clear coat every 2 years minimum to keep it looking new. However, the same door inside your home will most likely last 5-6 years. Pure Painting uses high quality product lines and normally consider interiors to last 6 - 8 years and exteriors 8 - 10 years very highly dependent on the above factors.

Brush & Roll or Spray?

Generally cabinets, doors and trim are sprayed to achieve a finer finish. Where-as walls get brushed and rolled to achieve clean lines and keep the overall paint mess low. Ceilings usually depend on degree of difficulty but can be applied with either method.

Latex or Oil?

Like most questions this is very case-by-case. Today there are multitude of reasons and products to go green. Including a water/oil hybrid that has less odor and dissipates much quicker. Pure Painting is well versed in working with all types of paints and is more than happy to accommodate your choices.

How much paint?

The industry standard for purchasing paint is one gallon for every 350 sq ft. Depending on method of application and surface texture this can vary greatly. Priming raw or old and beat-up surfaces generally helps in keeping the amount of paint more predictable as well. Pure Painting has a good understanding of textures and material types and works hard to minimize the amount of unused paint. Being cost effective and environmentally friendly are a few of our top goals.

How will my exterior be prepared beforehand?

Pure Painting likes to start exterior painting jobs with cleaning the accumulated dirt and bugs first. Pressure washing your home first not only will clean it but also provide a much higher adhere-ability. A better look that last longer is almost a no-brainer. Beyond that Pure Painting includes standard prep work on all its projects. With an eye for detail you can rest easy knowing that it will be caulked, puttied and primed prior to any painting.

What happens with trash and other job debris?

Masking off or covering up with paper, tape and plastic does a great job at containing dust and excess paint but also creates a lot of trash. Pure Painting takes pride in having clean job sites and removing paint or drywall related debris upon substantial completion.

Who will be in my home?

Ryan or Eric Lay will be on site 99% working with our pro's. Being involved with every step helps ensure accountability and allows for maximum quality control.

What should I do to prepare beforehand?

Our goal is to keep our jobs quick and convenient. We know a relaxed and happy customer will be more likely to call us back when it's time for that new look. Pure Painting strives to be a full service painting company. Our main suggestion to help in this process is removing china, fragile or just priceless items and decorations off of shelves or furniture that will be moved or covered. We are expecting to move the furniture as necessary, remove pictures and window treatments and to reset it all before we leave and this really helps us stay quick.

When can you start?

We love to schedule start dates! The sooner we can get started; the sooner you can enjoy your freshly painted home, business or office.

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